What To Do

To Do’s:

Below are lists of items that need to be done around the camp. Please choose an item or several items as your focus for you or your work party and notify Paul or Loretta what your group is able to tackle and when you plan on coming.  

Constant work during camps:

  • Sweep or use the backpack blower to clean all decks (lodge, dorms 1 - 4, 5 - 8, 10 -13), office, basketball court, dining hall, ramp to upper dorms, conference room deck to dorm 14.
  • Rake all pathways in camp from dorm 1 to dorm 8, around fire pit, ping pong tables, path to chapel, side of dining hall and around the office.
  • Clean windows.

Seasonal work:

  • Clip blackberry vines behind the lodge and around camp.
  • Remove duff from grounds.
  • Painting buildings.

Projects to be Done:

  1. Looking for a handy person to build, gutterball.  We have the plans. Great outdoor game for all ages.
  2. Building a storage/garden shed.
  3. Create hiking trails.

"We too will serve the LORD, because he is our God."  Joshua 24:18

Thank you for your help in beautifying Camp Cazadero!