Board of Directors

Camp Board

Great group with servant's hearts.  💕  Contact your Director of Missions (DOM) or Missions Catalyst if you are interested in serving on the board with this terrific crew.

Top row: Ken Patton, Bob Lawler, Greg Holmes, Ray Pardee, Paul Van Peborgh (Camp Manager)

Seated: Barbara Barton, Georgiana Maddox (retired), Jonni Conway, Loretta Van Peborgh (Camp Manager)

Not pictured: Howard Burkhart, Alan Cross, Bill Laffoon, Paul & Jeanette Fair

Camp Managers

Paul and Loretta Van Peborgh

Growing up attending Bible Camp each summer has been an important aspect of our Christian growth. Paul grew up in Palo Alto, attending Mt Hermon Conference Center in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Loretta was raised in Eau Claire, WI and is a proud "cheese head".  She taught waterskiing for many years with her family at Woodlake Bible Camp in Northern Wisconsin.  We both strongly believe that Christian camping changes lives.  

Come and experience the beauty of the redwoods and all that Cazadero Baptist Camp has to offer. We look forward to spending time together!

"Draw near to God and He will draw near to you."


Scott Brown

After being baptized on Easter Sunday, Scott was looking for a ministry to plug into since his life was dramatically changed.  He checked out Camp Caz and joined the team mid-May of that same year.  Scott loves the Lord with all his heart, soul and mind.  You can tell he has a heart of gold when a butterfly lands close to his heart. :)


Smokey & Blaze

"We are the Camp Cats since October 2016.

When we first came here, everything was new. Now we are familiar with the whole camp, but there are still lots of things to do, for example climbing these huge Redwood Trees or playing at the beautiful creek.

They say our job is to catch mice, but the main part is to please and entertain the campers!

We look forward to meeting you. Surely we will have much fun when playing together and sharing our love."

Smokey and Blaze