Camp Regulations

Camp Regulations


Print this page and return a signed copy with your reservation.


1. The director shall provide the camp manager with a list of all campers and a copy of your scheduled program. 

2. No fireworks, firearms, alcohol, illegal drugs, or pets are allowed. Smoking is allowed in designated areas only near the bridge at the entrance to camp.

3. Each Group must provide a camp nurse who is either a RN or has a current certificate of First Aid and CPR. This person must report all injuries to Camp Management immediately. 

4. Adult supervision is required during all water recreation sessions held at Austin Creek.

5. Out of respect for our neighbors, noise between 10 pm and 8 am shall be minimized.

6. No food or drink items inside the dorms. Beds and other heavy furniture shall not be moved.

7. Linens are not provided. Bring your own sleeping bags/bedding & pillows. Bring your own towels & personal toiletry items.

8. Before use of the Chapel, camp manager will provide instruction on the audio visual equipment.


I do hereby understand that the Camp Manager shall have final authority of any or all activity on the campgrounds. 

I have read these regulations and have shared them with my leaders.



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