(Please note rates are subject to change without notice--please call camp to verify)

Camp Available Monday Afternoon through Friday Nooon
4 Nights and 11 Meals (Mon dinner through Fri breakfast)
Member - $175 per camper
Non-member - $205 per camper
Group Deposit Required 90 days prior - $1500 

Camp Available Friday Evening through Sunday Noon

*Short: 1 Night, 3 Meals (Fri dinner through Sat lunch)
Member - $100 per camper
Non-member - $120

*Long: 2 Nights, 5 Meals (Fri dinner through Sun breakfast)
Member - $120.00 per camper
Non-member - $140 per camper
Weekend Group Deposit Required 90 days prior - $750

All camps will pay for a minimum of 20 adult campers.

Contact information for each camper needs to be submitted by the first day of camp.

certificate of insurance is required listing the camp as additional insured.  See reservations contract for details.

camp medic/nurse is required for all camps. This person must have current first aid and CPR certification. See reservation contract for details. If you do not have access to a nurse, the camp will help in securing one for a charge of $500 for a week or $250 for a weekend.