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Work Weekend with FBC Clearlake
March 11, 2014, 6:17 PM

Pastor Larry Fanning came up last weekend with 27 in his group from First Baptist Church, Clearlake and transformed the camp - much of it in one day.  

Highlights: On the hillside, they did some major cleaning and now the chapel is shining, ready for worship.  All the wood from the downed trees was brought down the hill, split and stacked; ready for campfire use.  Can you taste the s'mores??? The Prayer Garden has been cleaned up and a wooden cross is towering in the middle.  We do have residents which live in the Prayer Garden: Chirp and Dale, Twitter and Flitter, our zebra finches, are waiting for you to visit. A crew of men milled some redwood logs in preparation for new campfire benches.  Our amazing redwood carver, Ed created another piece of art, a redwood eagle with a salmon that was caught from Austin Creek, of course.  In person, the carving is spectacular with so much detail. Next time you come to camp you get to do a treasure hunt to find it.  It's in a perfect spot!  

Many, many thanks to FBC for their love and encouragement and hard work!