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Welcome our German Volunteers!
November 12, 2016, 12:00 AM

Franzi and Manu from Nuremberg, Germany, served Camp Caz in Fall 2016 as volunteer workers.

They found us when looking on Christian Camp and Conferences Association (CCCA) website. After a few emails with Loretta, they were ready for their adventure in Northern California. Since they are involved in Christian camping in Germany as well, they really had a blessed time and loved the camp so much. In Germany they are doing Bible studies in the YMCA, leading youth groups and more.

They left their fingerprints around the camp, which you might see if you have a closer look.

"We are thankful to have met so many lovely people who are in love with God! We had a great time at the camp and together with Paul and Loretta and are so thankful for the new experiences that we can make abroad. We are looking forward to coming back in a few years - maybe with our kids some day!" Manu and Franzi