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Asante Children's Choir
December 11, 2014, 2:00 PM

As Christians we take care of widows and orphans.  That's what we do.  When we had an opportunity to host Asante we did not hesitate.

We did an outreach into the community in partnership with Cazadero Community Church to bring these lil' ones to to the area for a concert in our chapel.   Next was the phone call, can you house them for the week?  Absoluletly!  Curt volunteered to cook, Loretta rounded up 21 sleeping bags and on Tuesday, Dec 9th the 45' bus crossed the bridge into camp. 21 children, taken off the streets of Uganda, 5 leaders, 2 bus drivers from Portland, Pat Park the area coordinator and lots of rain all descended upon Camp Caz. Our hearts were immediately touched by their big smiles and grateful spirits.  All caregivers are called "Auntie" or "Uncle" and the children give LOTS of HUGS!  Their devotions are a thrill to experience with the children leading praise music, dancing and lots of drumming.  Not all the children are orphans, some have single parents that cannot afford to care for their children.  All have seen great suffering, yet are full of JOY!

In spite of heavy rains which prevented people from coming long distances, we had 46 locals brave the storms and with the 30 Asante group, we had a total of 76 in the chapel for a lively performance of "Jericho....moving forward".  The children did a redition of "Hark, the Herald Angel Sing" that is stuck in my head with it's great beat and many of us cried during "Silent Night".  I have been so blessed to be a part of loving these lil' ones and giving them a glass of water, literally, as Jesus commands us to do.  

I'm going to see them on Friday night to fill up my hug quota. They are singing in many venues around Sonoma County and I pray you get a chance to experience their love for Jesus and their JOY!